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Social protection solutions for you, your business  and your family

MaishaPoa, Insurance design backed by HCD

Why Book With Us

Insurance solutions backed up by human centered design

MaishaPoa will deliver social protection solutions to 100,000 Kenyans over the next 3 years

Follow our journey to 100K covered lives

Our HCD-designed products

We are fundraising!


Ask for a quote

You can ask for a quote through email, our dedicated phone number or online through a form


Discuss quote

Discuss the quote with your Chama and if you like, we can ideate semi-custom solutions to fit exactly what your Chama is looking for.


Pay & your live!

Once you pay the selected agreed premiums, MaishaPoa will within 48 hours activate your cover, plan for formal training for your Chama members and ensure that your hustle is protected. 


Not sure where to start?

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Reports & Insights

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