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Our Story

Our entire business is built around the idea that Insurance in its current form does not address the needs of the majority of Kenyans. 

About Us

Shopping Pants

MaishaPoa is a product offered by APA Insurance in Conjunction with PAA Insurance Agency (PIA).

Our products Are designed to offer affordable, low-cost health insurance cover and comprehensive to ensure our clients needs are met.


Our product has below key features;

  • Minimum membership; of 5 Principal Members.

  • Affordable premiums;

  • Inpatient is the primary and main benefit.

  • Cover for chronic conditions, congenital conditions, and prematurity expenses.

  • Wide and affordable hospital and provider network.

  • Optional Outpatient

African Masai in Traditional Dress

We are fundraising!

Image by Alex Radelich

We are seeking to raise $250,000 to support the work we are doing in building products for the various underserved markets and extending the reach of our distribution network. 


The low penetration of insurance in Africa which stands at 3% shows there is a huge potential market for insurance innovators. It is in this sense that maishapoa seeks to improve this by providing insurance for “everyday Kenyan”.

Maishapoa seeks to provide insurance solutions using Human-Centered Design (HCD), that is by involving the human perspective in all steps of the problem-solving process. To achieve this the company is constantly conducting research which is capital intensive, hence the need to bring on board sponsors and partners

Download our pitch deck 


Our Company Headquarters

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